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Swing Dance Etiquette


Ask someone to dance with your words. No silent hand gestures, grabbing or dragging. "Would you like to dance?" will always do the trick. 

Anyone can ask anyone to dance. If you find you're not being asked often enough, take initiative and do the asking. 

When you attend our bi-weekly dance Thursday Night Stomp, we encourage each dancer to challenge themselves to ask A) one person to dance who is of a different skill level than themselves, B) one person of a different age bracket, and C) one person who you've never danced with before. 

While we encourage you all to dance with a variety of people, you can say no to a dance at any time.


Please don't offer unsolicited feedback in classes or at dances. If someone asks for feedback, great. But generally we find that folks giving unsolicited feedback aren't giving the most sound advice, and could probably look inward for changes in their own dancing first.


It's totally normal to get super sweaty when we dance! But if you tend to soak through your clothes it's best to bring an extra shirt or two to change into throughout the night.


Choose moves wisely on crowded dance floors. It's the leads' primary responsibility to be sure their partner doesn't end up colliding with a person or object. It's the follows' responsibility to move their bodies through space in a controlled manner. If you do collide with someone, please offer up a quick apology, make sure everyone's okay, and move onward. 

If you're practicing air steps (aerials), save those for jams or performances. They don't belong on the social dance floor.


Clap for the band! They really love it. And we really love them. 


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