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Tips for Learning to Dance

Whether you just started swing dancing or have been doing it for years, if you're like many of us, you have an insatiable desire to improve your skill level and learn more. Here are a few things you can do to become a better dancer and consequently enjoy it more! ​

Come to class every week you can. With four levels of classes, we have you covered. Making this weekly commitment is sure to improve your dancing! If you can find a little time during the week, it really helps to review what we did in class. We post all class recaps by date and description separated into folders for each class season on the Portland Swing Project YouTube Channel here.

Come to a dance. Our Thursday Night Swing Dances were originally designed as
practice sessions so everyone taking classes would have a place to come reinforce what they were learning. You never need to bring a partner and beginners are encouraged to come! The best way to really learn is to get out on that dance floor. 

Listen to swing music. It's some of the best music ever made so why not listen to it in the car, in the kitchen
, or anywhere you can tap your foot? Listening to swing music also helps connect you to the rhythm and timing of the dance, and provides some inspiration! Check out our Spotify playlists here to help get you started. 

Watch Lindy Hop Videos for inspiration. When I first started dancing, I couldn't watch dance videos enough. They provided a source of inspiration and possibility that pushed me to learn more. Check out a few examples to get you started here

Go to out-of-town dance events. A great way to get better at dancing is to dance with people of a higher skill level. We'll keep you up to date on Lindy Hop events in Boston and beyond, but consider a dance camp like Beantown or Swingout New Hampshire where you'll meet folks from all over the globe to dance with. 

Remember to be patient and have fun! 

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