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A-Level "Beginning 8-Count Lindy Hop" Class: 4/23-6/4 (7 weeks)

Tuesdays 6-7pm

East End Community Center, 195 North St Portland

Instructors: Gillian and Jen


Join us for an introduction to 8-Count Lindy Hop! In the world of "swing dance", there are a few essential dances to know: Charleston, 6-Count Lindy Hop, and 8-Count Lindy Hop, which is considered the soul of the dance. We'll teach you the basic 8-Count Lindy Hop footwork and some simple, fun moves that will get you out on the dance floor. We’ll teach you how to connect with any partner, and build your confidence dancing to different styles and tempos of music. We'll break things down slowly and clearly, give you plenty of practice time, and rotate partners throughout the class so you'll have a chance to dance with everyone. For those of you brand new to swing dancing, this is a great class to get you started.


April '24 A-Level "Beginning 8-Count Lindy Hop" Class - 7 Weeks (AE423)

  • Choose whether you'll lead or follow in the class. This doesn't follow traditional gender norms, and "leading" doesn't mean you have to know what you're doing. Each role has its own responsibilities that are equally important. Be sure to enter your full name and email address in the field provided. Each person registers separately, even if you're planning to come as a couple.


    Full-time High School and College students: use code STUDENT at checkout for 50% off weekly classes.

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