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B-Level "Intermediate Charleston" Class: 2/27-4/16 (no class 3/5) (7 weeks)

Tuesdays 7:15-8:15pm

East End Community Center, 195 North St Portland

Instructors: Gillian and Jen


Building on what you learned in the Beginning Charleston class, we'll start by reviewing the basics before moving into more challenging Charleston moves. You'll learn Crossover, Airplane, and Tandem Charleston, and how to make your familiar 6-Count moves into Charleston moves when the music speeds up. Get ready to move!


You must have completed all three A-level classes (or equivalent) to take this class.

Feb '24 B1-Level "Intermediate Charleston" Class - 7 Weeks (BE227)

  • Be sure to enter your full name and email address in the field provided. Each person registers separately, even if you're planning to come as a couple.


    Full-time High School and College students: use code STUDENT at checkout for 50% off weekly classes.

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