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C-Level "Slowing Down/Speeding Up" Class: 2/22 - 4/11 (no class 3/14) (7 weeks)

Thursdays 6-7pm

Maine Ballroom Dance, 616 Congress St Portland (upstairs)


In this class we’ll work on adapting our dancing using tempo and momentum changes. We’ll teach you techniques to use when the music kicks up a notch, slows way down, and also how to change the texture of your dancing within a single song tempo through momentum changes. This class will challenge you to become a more versatile dancer!

Feb '24 C-Level "Slowing/Speeding" Class - 7 Weeks (C222)

  • Be sure to enter your full name and email address in the field provided. Each person registers separately, even if you're planning to come as a couple.


    Full-time High School and College students: use code STUDENT at checkout for 50% off weekly classes.

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