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D-Level Class w/ Stefan & Bethany (8 weeks)

Thursdays 7:15-8:30pm (until 9pm on nights S+B are teaching )

Maine Ballroom Dance, 616 Congress St Portland (upstairs)

1/11 - w/ S+B

1/25 - on our own (S+B out sick)

2/8 - w/ S+B

2/22 - w/ S+B

2/29 - w/ S+B

3/28 - w/ S+B

4/11 - on our own

4/25 - on our own

5/9 - Makeup date (if needed)


This class is for dancers who'd like to dig a bit deeper, and are eager to be more self-directed in their learning. The class will meet twice per month: one meeting with Stefan and Bethany, and one meeting on our own to work on the material they taught. Topics are TBD.


Please note: you must take all of the A, B, and C-level classes (or equivalent) to attend this class. Instructor approval is required to attend.

Jan '24 D-Level Class w/ Stefan & Bethany - 8 Weeks (D124)

  • Be sure to enter your full name and email address in the field provided. Each person registers separately, even if you're planning to come as a couple.

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